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Family Law

« We strive for the family, considered a higher good will we defend their rights after the breakdown of the marriage bond. "»

Our goal is to advise and defend you in the process of your divorce, food, visits or other claims related to family law, we become your custom option and humanist, fast and highly competitive prices .

Given that family law is one of the most sensitive areas of law, as it must deal with family situations between spouses, and often compared to children, and finally, with respect to its property. You need a family law attorney who will ensure your interests and well-being of your children.

Consequences of a divorce or separation

Divorce breaks the marriage bond forever. The main ground for divorce exists, there is a marriage breakdown. The law states that marriage breakdown can be proved in various ways.

The main ones are:

  • That the spouses ceased living together for at least one year;
  • One spouse has committed adultery;
  • One spouse has done to respect the other an act of physical cruelty or mental cruelty.

Whatever the reason, it is proved by the testimony of the person or by filing a detailed affidavit that is to say that explains the person's testimony. In cases of physical or mental cruelty, it happens to file a medical report, but the proof can be done in many ways.

t is not necessary to obtain a legal separation and property before obtaining a divorce. It is a choice of a spouse who decides to drop its proceedings. We must question the choice of remedy, because the separation maintains the obligations of marriage except that of living together while the divorce terminates all obligations with all its consequences.

When you made your request for divorce, you are asking the judge to order on:

  • Custody or visitation of children;
  • Alimony for children and spouses;
  • Division of property;
  • Responsibility to pay the debts.

If you do not want a divorce, you can ask the court for legal separation. The trial separation, commonly known as legal separation, does not break the bonds of marriage.

However, it allows spouses no longer living together:

  • To obtain the distribution of family property, if not already done so;
  • To receive the liquidation of the matrimonial property;
  • Address the corollary of separation: Child care, Alimony, compensatory allowance, etc.;.
  • A restraining order of violence in the home.

Since the majority of divorces, he has children, property and also money at stake, it is very important to carefully select a lawyer who defends your rights while he has the sensitivity of the well being of your children. That's what gives you the cabinet of Mr. Juan Cabrillana.