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Investor Immigration

The purpose of the Immigration Program for business in Canada is to promote economic growth and employment by attracting investors and independent workers with experience of business, entrepreneurial skills and venture capital. The Immigration Program for Business is also seeking to develop new business opportunities and improve access to growing foreign markets by welcoming people familiar with the needs and customs related to these markets.

Foreign individuals with experience in business/management and a relatively high net worth may apply for permanent resident status by applying to the Canadian Immigration Program in one of two categories:


The firm of Juan Cabrillana is able to help you and guide you in your efforts to obtain Canadian residency and meet your financial needs.

If you have any capital, business management skills, or you are a senior, and if you agree to meet certain conditions and to invest a predetermined sum to the Canadian government ... then you are a potential candidate who can get you and your family the Canadian resident status, or even a dual citizenship.

The Cabinet of Juan Cabrillana guides you through the entire process, including:

  • Dealing with Immigration Canada and/or the Quebec Certificate of Selection;
  • Production of documents and exhibits;
  • Signing the ScotiaMcLeod investment agreement;
  • Obtaining a declaration of identity and source of funds verification signed by the client ScotiaMcleod;
  • Criminal record check, and finally,
  • Preparing you for the interview.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Have a minimum net worth of $800,000 CDN.
  • Transfer a sum of 120,000 US dollars at Scotiabank, OR;
  • Invest capital of $400,000 CDN (without interest) in the Canadian economy during a period of five years
  • Have experience in business or management.



To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Come to the province of Qu├ębec and create your own business
  • Have a minimum net worth of $ 100 000 CAN legally obtained with, where applicable, your spouse or partner, provided that you accompany
  • gaining work experience of at least two years to your account in the profession or occupation that you intend to exercise in Quebec.

The assessment of your application will also rely on other factors, such as:

  • Your and your spouses's age, if applicable
  • The nature and duration of your respective professional training
  • Your language skills (French, English)
  • Your personal qualities and your knowledge of Quebec.